Director’s Message



“If I have seen further, it is only by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton

In the line of early education, we become obligated to building foundational knowledge for our young future leaders. The skills our children pick up in their earliest years, will determine some of the first paths they journey upon. It becomes our duty as educators to help these little ones to ascend upon the shoulders of giants as quoted by philosopher Isaac Newton. Some will manage their way up with good guidance, while some may need a little push. Our roles are to be their mentors and to guide them towards better paths. To be their torchbearers and to help pick themselves up when they trip.

One of the many benefits of definitive education from an early age is that children are molded to be intelligent and not easily influenced; the importance and value of morals and integrity are deeply instilled so that they can advance as respectable beings and participate in the future development of the nation. This is also important because it will set them up for life.

EtonHouse franchise was adopted here in Melaka because we recognized the call for an enhanced education programme to accomodate the younger children in this community. Our focus as a multicultural and multilingual international school, is to ensure that children are given the opportunity to come to school each day with a smile and to grow into confident and successful individuals. To be happy, engaged, and thrive both academically and social-emotionally.

Our children are our legacy for the future.

Dato’ Edwin Tan
Director, EtonHouse Melaka

This page was last edited on September 8, 2020