The EtonHouse Alumni ‘Friends of EtonHouse’ was founded in May 2012, in alignment with our philosophy of a collaborative learning environment and the desire to extend the feeling of community to a life-long connection and sense of belonging for every individual who has been part of EtonHouse, The Alumni brings together former EtonHouse students (pre-school and primary school graduates), parents and staff and therefore is the first alumni of its kind in Singapore.

The primary objectives of the EtonHouse Alumni are as follows:

  • Bring together former EtonHouse parents, students and staff and create opportunities to reconnect, bond, network and engage in meaningful community initiatives
  • Create a platform for the EtonHouse alumni members to make professional connections amongst themselves.
  • Follow ongoing careers of former EtonHouse students
  • Extend the outreach activities of the EtonHouse community through a range of initiatives that reinforce our commitment to our environment and society.

Comments from EtonHouse Alumni

Amy Lin, graduated from EtonHouse, Outram in 2007

Amy is currently in Methodist Girls' School (Primary) and has served as a School Senior Prefect.

“I hope to have opportunities to meet up with my old classmates. We shared lots of precious memories of our pre-school days, when we played and learnt together. Looking back, they have indeed played a major role in my childhood, being the first friends I ever had. They grew up with me and they were one of the reasons why I loved going to school!

I also hope to build on the bonds between my classmates and by doing some bonding activities regularly to create more memories. I believe that a friendship should last forever, and we can be lifelong friends.

It would be wonderful too, to reconnect with my old friends who are currently studying at different schools. By interacting with them, I can broaden my horizon, perhaps learn something new, and be inspired to strive for the better”.

Ryan Chan, graduated from EtonHouse Broadrick in 1998

Ryan is currently in Yale studying economics and film studies and was the Director of Photography for a feature film called the Durian King starring Lim Kay Tong in 2011. He also directed and produced his own 40-minute film called Acceptance, funded by the Media Development Authority, Singapore.

“I think a pre-school alumni community revitalizes emotional connections that were forged during a purely innocent chapter of life, and keeping these relationships alive can only help us better understand who we are and where we come from -- questions I feel many young adults like me obsess over. I guess you could call it sort of an identity crisis that comes with leaving the nest. I really believe that reconnecting with these pre-school friends is a comforting reminder that no matter how chaotically we navigate the future, our roots will always remain where they are.

I have friends from pre-school who I spent so much time with, shared experiences with like digging up chicken bones and thinking they were dinosaurs. I believe there's a certain magic in these relationships that can easily be lost without an alumni program. These pre-school friendships  can offer a window into your history, and this is extremely precious because these friends come from an era of your life that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The benefit I'd hope to attain from an Eton House alumni program would certainly come from an emotional place”.

Rohinish Gupta, EtonHouse Orchard, 2009

Rohinish envisioned and conceived Gallery R at the tender age of 7. Based in Singapore and exclusively representing James Wilkins in Asia, the mission of GALLERY R is to foster a consciousness and a creative response to global environmental concerns, through Fine Art inspired by the natural world, as it is James Wilkins´ work.

“The alumni will help us in knowing more about different students activities & achievements and also serve as a platform for spreading my message of caring for our nature and what nature has given us”

Video message from EtonHouse Founder and Managing Director, Mrs Ng Gim Choo to the EtonHouse Alumni.

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