EtonHouse schools offer an exceptional multilingual program, successful since 1995. Based on research, the EtonHouse Chinese language programme delivered on a daily basis ensures that students have significant exposure to the language.

With sustained exposure to English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia from 2 years old and above, children learn to think and understand concepts in multilingual and communicate effectively in them. Language learning, therefore, takes place spontaneously in a natural environment, making it a meaningful and relevant process.

But it’s not just about reading, writing and speaking the language. Our programme integrates culture into the curriculum to build an appreciation and love for the language. Learning Chinese acts as a gateway to its’ rich culture which has over 5000 years of history. We believe that Chinese is a life skill. The acquisition of the language is therefore a multidimensional experience that involves learning experiences at different levels and opens up new and unique experiences for students.

This page was last edited on September 8, 2020