Admissions Checklist


To enroll your child in EtonHouse, you will need to prepare the following documents for submission.

  • Registration Form
  • Two passport sized photographs of child
  • One passport sized photograph of parents
  • Terms and Conditions – 1 set with 2 copies of the last page, one must be returned to EtonHouse
  • Mother’s identity card/ passport (copy)
  • Father’s identity card/ passport (copy)
  • Child’s passport (copy)
  • Child’s Birth Certificate (copy)
  • Family Identity Card /KSK (copy) for Vietnamese only
  • Child’s latest school report (if applicable)
  • Child’s immunization record

To register your child, please send the above mentioned documents along with a non-refundable registration fee of RM1,500 to the following address:

7-01 Terminal Pahlawan, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir 75000 Melaka
Tel.: +6012 669 1162

This page was last edited on January 11, 2016